I’ve given up trying to learn music a long time ago. I’ve gotten around to accepting that while I might be interested in music with all its intricacy, I will never be able to make it myself.

Musics are puzzling things. Sometimes I wonder what it’ll be if I actually went along with that guitar lesson I used to have when I was a kid.


Puzzles of Guitars and Music

I got my forum fixed up

I got my Touhou forum fixed up to more fit discussions about the translations in Touhou Patch Center. It used to be meant for general Touhou discussion, but eh, now it’s just a place for translation discussion instead of flooding a wiki’s talk page.

If you can read Indonesian, and do Touhou, please check it out.

Flappy Bird

I think this post was first meant to be an honest review of a game.

Let me be honest. You cannot make an honest review of Flappy Bird, that game that everyone and their mothers plays for some reason. It’s a smartphone game. It is ridiculous.

You thought I Wanna Be the Guy was hard? Flappy Bird… Just don’t play it. If you haven’t already. The average highscore for most people is somewhere between 3 and 16 (if you can get a 90-something like my friend did, you are not most people), and that’s probably after tears and blood are shed.

I got a 7 (EDIT: I got a 23 now). It makes me… reasonably happy.

I’m not even going to try describing how to play it. Or about this sensation I got for getting pass a pipe. Or why everyone has the urge to tell everyone else about it. It’s like… this game is rubbish. Why am I even playing it?

And yet I’ll still rate it 5 stars out of 5. Or something of the sort.

This game is rubbish.

Camping when it rains

Camping when it rains?

Not a good idea, generally. But camping is usually fun, and I’ll say go for it, no matter the season. But when the skies are grey, the mist thick, and rains are heavy and often, just watch out. You’ll get home wet.

Snow? I dunno anything about snow. Sorry, can’t help you there.