No Novel Today

NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. And, after weeks of indecision (should I or shouldn’t I?), I’ve decided not to join it for this year.

I’ve got nothing against it. It’s just that, for reasons I’ve yet to form a coherent explanation for, I’m finding it harder and harder to write. It’s like some sort of massive writer’s block, and it stays even though I’ve tried all I can to go around or punch right through it. It’s not that I’ve got no ideas for a new story, I’ve at least 3 usable ones with plot already made and ready, it’s just the putting-on-paper part that’s bothering me.

I’ve no trouble with writing. But I seem to have problem to make them last. Nowadays I can a paragraph, maybe two, three, a dozen if they’re particularly small. And they will be nice, readable, and begging to be continued. But then I stopped. I can’t go on. This is not working so well.

No, wait. Maybe a week ago I can do that. Nowadays I can only make a paragraph. One. And then my brain goes full stop. Nowadays I have problem starting the writing, and continuing it.

Which is a shame, because I’ve worked hard on making a full-fledged plot and plans and everything for this potential new novel. New story. I have characters running and jumping in my head like a real person, a world all set up with places to go and ornaments to admire. Maybe I’ll manage to get a vignette or two, but a fully formed story would be difficult.

And now I’ve noticed that most of my sad unfinished story will probably only end up in my hard drive, never seeing the light of other people’s eye. What the heck. Here are some bits and pieces. Unedited.

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Era Sains Membedakan Mimpi [Terjemahan Touhou]

[ This post is mostly in Indonesian, as it’s about a translation to Indonesian. Apologies to English-speakers]

Terjemahan bahasa Indonesia dari Music CD ketiga ZUN, 夢違科学世紀 ~ Changeability of Strange Dream. Sebenarnya nerjemahin dari terjemahan Jepang ke Inggris kaafka-fuura. dibantu dengan kamus bahasa Jepang dan terjemahan dari Touhou Wiki.

Ini cuman iseng aja. Lagi ngedengerin sambil baca ceritanya, dan rasanya ingin nerjemahin. Terjemahannya gak persis sama dengan Jepang atau Inggrisnya, interpretasi lagi biar enak dalam bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa resmi, tapi coba biar gak terlalu formal/aneh. >.<

Sebenernya lebih suka judul lagu bahasa Inggris tetap bahasa Inggris, tapi di sini sekalian diterjemahkan saja.

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I thought I’ve lost you, song.

Lunar Dial, arranged by Yuy. A while back I was frustrated over losing this and another song through Google’s pillage mode. Can’t believe I found it again. I wonder if there’s any chance that his Phantom Ensemble is still floating around.

Really, should be studying by now. Biology exam. Tough thing.