PseudoMon is a name I came up with during that uncertain time between when the internet was a pillar of anonymity and the rise of social media. It comes from fake and monster. You can take that as you like. I can also be otherwise known as PseudoStygian, which is also my Twitter handle.

I’m a college student majoring in International Relations. I like writing and reading stories, particularly those on the sci-fi/fantasy end of the line. I’m extremely interested in video games both as an industry and and art form. I’m also an amateur programmer, with some (amateur) web development experience. I also do translations between English and Indoneisian.

This personal blog is for anything I feel like writing down and sharing, the most notable ones being reviews of games or books and my own stories. There’s not really a theme to it; I jump around topics often. I also don’t usually squint my eyes too much at editing and quality-proofing the things I write here. Hope you enjoy your stay anyway.

Am fluent in English and Indonesian and can read French fairly well (mostly, sorta). I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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