I played Assassin’s Creed II about two years ago. No other game afterwards can quite compare to it. It changed my life, it changed my outlook on life, and, well, in general my life could be very different without it. No other game, not even its many sequels, compares to how it made me feel and think. It’s special. And this medley, fantastic beyond words.


Well it’s the middle of the night and this really speaks to me

Steam engines, and the ideas that come with them

Review of Raising Steam, a novel by Terry Prachett. Also my first Discworld novel, so this review might be more generic to the series than specific to the book.

I honestly wish I’ve known Prachett for longer, that I’ve started reading his books far earlier. The man was a genius, clever with his words and all his characters and this manificent little world he’s built.

Raising Steam is the fortieth (ya, seriously, 40th) RaisingSteam-covernovel set in the world of Discworld, a world that, far as I’ve heard, is disc-shaped, sits on top of four elephants, who themselves sit on top of a turtle swimming in space. That ought to tell you how things work in that world, because if I am to explain everything, all the workings and the humors and the great landscape of the world, it’ll take all day and more.

In Raising Steam, the world has discovered the power of, well, steam, and how to harness it to create a running locomotive. Meanwhile, politic has gone a little sour, and a group has formed who oppose all sort of modernization and liberation between the many sapient species of Discworld.

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I had a dream once where you can switch OSs back and forth without rebooting a thing

Despite still having, and loving, a Ubuntu in my computer, I’ve moved entirely to Windows, nowadays. I’ve discovered that Ubuntu still can’t quite manage my AMD dual-graphics, and it always decides to use the power-eating discrete graphic card by default. I can’t stand the heavy noise it makes when I’m working. And Ubuntu also decides to be difficult when I’m trying to get the right drivers working. So before I throw a dozen more hours into it, I said screw it. I’ll just stick with Windows.

Some long time ago I decided that it’s just not worth it to throw the rest of my life fighting computers. I’ve wanted to work with computer for most of my childhood but I’ve spent enough to know how absolutely insane that can get.. So I’m going to major in physics or astronomy instead. Proper science! I’ll just leave these computer messes with the experts who insist on being experts.

Still, though. Getting through all that tangle in the registry or spamming the word sudo in the terminal have their charms.

Besides, I really can’t stand Windows at its worst. I’m going to have to fix that problem with Ubuntu eventually.

So what have you been up to?

Bored out of my mind. I guess that’s one way to say it. Though I guess if you piece them out, not really. I’ve, I could be up to a lot of things. I just have a terribly short attention span and every newly-made projects just get replaced by the next nascent thing.

I’m currently reading Terry Pratchett’s Raising Steam. It’s my first Discworld novel, and the second book by Sir Terry that I’m reading. The first was The Long Earth, which was interesting, but not very compelling. Raising Steam was fantastic, though. Exhausting to read, but it gave me more chuckles than I thought possible in just a couple of pages.

I’m also reading Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. Only been a couple of pages in, so I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve read a couple more chapters. I love the introduction pages, though. So implicit yet so direct.

Been messing with some story ideas. One of them I grew out of writer’s block era by integrating it with a game of self-rpg about shut-ins. Some world-specific terminologies there, and I certainly wasn’t thinking about readability while I was doing it, but I think I’ll post it when I’m finished. Assuming I can get it finished.

Music. I picked up Arctic Monkey’s AM album. Compared to the other rock music in my collection, this one is so chill I could lie back and still enjoy it. Been having R U Mine stuck in my head for the longest time. I have also been combing through Muse’s discography. Still, and always will be, my favourite band.

Been making a skin for osu!. One based on astronomy, space, black holes, and not a single anime character or sci-fi fonts. It’s been ages since I last worked on graphic design, so this one is taking a long time and long walks through other people’s design. Hmph, still not sure if that kind of texture will work…

And I guess I’m still bored out of my mind because I even bother to write this down. Heh. Excuse the rambling.

Might post a review of the books I’m reading later. Might.