Wearing My Name

I just found out that the protagonist of Inkle’s upcoming game, Heaven’s Vault, is named Aliya Elasra. It’s the first time I’ve seen a character with the same name as me in a western fiction, or any fiction really, and it made me smile.

My name is Aliya. You will not believe how odd and difficult that sentence sound to me. I’ve never been very comfortable with the name, and it took me a long time to accept that, yeah, that’s my name. My family called me by nicknames when I was a kid, and as a kid in a close-knitted family, I wasn’t in a habit of introducing myself. So the first time, the first memory I have of “owning” the name was in grade school, when we first get to introduce myself.

I didn’t know how. It felt weird to tell them the nickname my family used, so I just stick with the first word in my name. Aliya. It didn’t feel particularly mine. I just grabbed it off the full name I was taught was mine. So, okay. That’s what you call me, I guess.
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