Time and Murphy’s Law

So it’s early in the morning and you’re having it rough already. There are two, maybe three things you’ve got to do today. One of them you can do real quickly, but it’s hard. Mentally hard. And you really don’t feel like doing it this morning, after waking up on the wrong side of the bed and instantly being haunted by the ticking of the clock. The other thing is easier, but it may take longer. You think you can get it done in a couple of hours, maybe, but it’s unpredictable.

Still, you’re really not feeling up to do anything difficult this morning, so you decide to pack up, get up to do the second thing and plan to do the first thing maybe tonight, after you’re done with everything else.

It is now twelve hours later. You’re tired, tired, tired. And you’re only almost done with that first thing. The second thing? Forget it. In fact, you’ve already forgotten. What was that agai- oh crap it’s important!

The message here is that: Folks. Folks. If you have something you have to do, and you can conceivably do it right now. Do it. Just, do it. Time is not often kind. Expect the worst.