f.lux is a software that warms up your monitor’s colour at night. Wam up, as in making it less bright and more candle-ly and less sun-y. There’s probably a lot of science behind it, and I don’t know what magic they use, but it makes me feel sleepier when working on the computer at night. It helps me sleep, and cut down on late-night distractions.

It also makes hotkeys to dim the screen, which is useful when I’m just using the computer for music, and I don’t feel like turning the monitor off just so the screen won’t glare at me.

Pretty light too. No slowdown on my 5 years old computer while it’s running.



Kilas Balik 53 Menit [Touhou]

Another Indonesian translation of a ZUN music CD. Pardon the English comments. It’s late, and I had to get this thing out before I forget to, and my brain is odd at night.

I’ve been working on this one on-and-off for the last couple of… months, I think. Translation is serious business, and it seems to transforms around from being being hell and heaven on its own term.

As usual, I translate this mostly from the English translation over at Touhou Wiki and kafka-fuura’s, with Japanese dictionary’s help. Lots of dictionary helps. This translation prefers to capture essence than perfect accuracy, and uses hopefully region-indifferent relaxed Indonesian.

Some notes. Bouyuu-Toukaidou, East-to-West Eastern Seaboard Route,  and Toukaidou I call mostly by name, only once explaining it as “Rute Laut Timur, Timur-ke-Barat.” Shinkansen and Kaleidoscreen  I left untranslated.

One thing, the “shelved” pun that Renko pulls off is hard. I translate it as “gudangkan” (warehoused),  which I think make sense, but to be honest I don’t think the word’s ever commonly used for such.

The poem/comments for the last song is particularly hard and also enjoyable to translate. The original Japanese uses English words “virtual” and “real” (ヴァーチャル and リアル), but I translate it in Indonesian to “maya” and “nyata” so the words will flow better. If I want accuracy, I can technically just transliterate them, but meh.

I was kinda partial on using the informal “nggak” instead of the more widely accepted “tidak”, but since I just realized that the published Touhou manga translation uses “nggak”, even sometimes when it shouldn’t, eh.

卯酉東海道 ~ Retrospective 53 minutes
Bouyuu-Toukaidou ~ Retrospective 53 minutes
Rute Laut Timur, Timur-ke-Barat ~ Kilas Balik 53 Menit

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