Seventeen Days

This is a little piece of a rather abstract flash fic, inspired by this particular piece of music. I find the song so good, so emotional, that it nearly makes me cry, for some reason.



The sky was raining fireworks.

And I was too far away to see it.

As the night sky seemed to burst with all the colors of the rainbows, followed with sounds like a million storm clouds gathering, I quickly grabbed the handle of my bike and pedaled as fast as I could. Spin, I thought of shouting to the wheels, spin like you’ve never spin before. Spin like your life depended on it.

The sky exploded, and the rainbow cajoled and danced in the air.

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Whaddya mean GlassSkinned is Indonesian?

And fifteen years old?

I’ve heard his (her?) name in a lot of places now, and his songs come up in places. I would never have guessed that he has a more or less the same life that I do, relatively speaking to the rest of the world’s population.

Indonesians folks have been cropping all over the net now, masquerading as someone from a more advanced civilization (read: I thought they’re American or something, or maybe gifts from the heaven). From game creators like Lucidrine and Alegrium and musicians like Kayoubi, to a part of the out-of-Japan Touhou pantheon like Aichiya Sanae. Now there’s GlassSkinned to be added to the list.

And, by my stars, they can speak proper English without causing me to vomit. Suddenly, I don’t feel so alone in the world anymore.

Maybe I should try finishing up one of my stories too, just to have something to show as well.

Maybe I should try posting something more generic…

Since otherwise this blog is going to look like one of those dead fishes already floating on the surface of this sea we call the internet. I’m not saying it’s not, I just don’t want it to look like that.

Problem is, I don’t really want to blog about nothing spectacular and/or emotional, but when I do find or do something like that, I prefer to keep them to myself (“This is personal, mate. Now go away.”). I usually write about those kinds of things, even though they have all the feelings of a blog post, privately on 750words. Never heard of it? Well, now you do.

Maybe I should try posting my regular reactions of the day, or to general events, or to this book/game/music/movie I just recently read/played/listened to/watched. It’ll keep the blog more alive, and it’ll (probably) make me less of an introvert. I have a serious territorial problem.

Lol, blog, hi.

I’ve almost completely forgotten about you.

Or maybe I just don’t ever feel like posting in a blog anymore, since nobody reads it. Which is odd, because I write a lot in 750 Words, where nobody can read it.

Maybe I should try promoting this blog or something. It’ll be difficult, since my real life friends (which isn’t that many) don’t talk in English, and I don’t think there’s anything of interest here for my English-speaking online friends. So.

Oh, and here’s a long overdue Happy New Year:

Happy New Year!

Man, I should do better than that for next year. I remember making a .gif fireworks some years ago. It was for my country’s Independence Day, but stil. It was pretty awesome.

Some folks might put up some New Year resolution think here. I have no such thing. I just hope that this year is going to be better than the last.

Oh, and get a better social life. Being a loner is hard.