History is Amazing

With all of its little tidbits and small wonders. Also big scale wonders. They’re amazing too.

If you find a proper storyteller, history of this world can be, quite frankly, the greatest story you’ve ever read. I’d suggest E.H. Gombrich’s A Little History of the World. It has its shortcomings, and might be a bit biased, but its storytelling is terrific. Made history suddenly awesome.  

School. Exams. Finals. Whichever you want to cal it, means I will probably not be able to blog more for about a week.  Gombrich’s Little History is a big help in studying. 


Appending Subtitles Using Avidemux

Or, how to hardsub a video with Avidemux.

For a school project a while back. It took me literally hours just for searching on how to do this. I don’t get why. It’s really very simple. And the internet knows everything. For something this basic, the internet should have this written down already.

Anyway. Avidemux. It’s a great open-source cross-platform video editor. It can cut videos, combine videos, add subtitles and nifty effects, little things that most people are looking for in a video editor. It can read .flv, .mkv, .avi, basically any video files you can think of. [Here’s the homepage.] And here’s the [download page.] Get the latest version if you haven’t already.

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Emotions in a Jar

Or rather, combination of noise made by musical instruments.

In other words, music.

I like music. But this one. This one album, of genre I don’t even know or understand or…

It’s beautiful. Maybe something between Progressive and Classic and Orchestral and Baroque and thrice, double-thrice, as meaningful as soundtrack music without being at all like a soundtrack music.

No vocal, by the way.

You! Download, you! I know I’m suppose to give reviews and stuffs and tell you to go out and buy it if it’s worth it. But not this one. Not this one. Just listen to it, dammit. I don’t even care who you are, or what kind of music do you like, it’ll be worth a listen.

Download VBR
Download 320k

320k is a higher quality version. There’s a lossless version floating somewhere, if you want it. But, hey, maybe you’ll manage to buy it for real.

Circle: t=NODE
Arranger: Yuy

01 World’s End-世界は壊れ、物語は始まった-
02 Destiny-宿命ー
03 Remind of You
04 Truth of Insanityー永遠の狂気ー
05 The Dance of Eternity
06 月の姫、永遠の姫-世界と1人のひねくれ者-

EDIT: … After listening to that last part again, I guess it is also weird as…

… I lulzed.

Heads on a Shoulder

Been feeling inexplicably upset these last few days. My head is in a bit of unstable turmoil. Common for folks my age, but I see no reason for feeling so. ‘n fact, the last half a year has been more or less the best half a year I’ve ever had, under some specification. I’m a happy-going kind of guy, really. But, to be inexplicably upset… Maybe I need to stop talking to myself so much. Reveal so much. Reveal so little.

Oh, what the heck. I think I’m supposed to post this somewhere more private, but, meh.

Been listening to music with more attention now. It helps. I find myself comfortable with orchestral, particularly Baroque music, Metal, particularly progressive speed/power metal, and Jazz, of the ethnic kind. I’m not even sure which word is to be capitalized anymore.

And on a wholly unrealated subject, I got my hands on Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I still think Anansi Boys is better, but this one is great, just great.


With a kazibillion of homeworks. It’s a cheap excuse, yes, but I am dead serious this time. Spent too much time working on my weird hobbies and the internet, and all of a sudden you decide to give your notes a look, and wham.

Gonna try to spent less time on the internet, except for homework-related works.

Oddly enough, most of my homeworks are really various group projects. They make a weird range, from a presentation of ancient Egypt, to checking my electricity bill and counting the kWh of every single electronic is the house. The latter is ridiculous, since our use of electronic is awfully abstract and cannot be guessed or scheduled, and I then realized that our electricity bill is also ridiculous.

Might be worth looking at… when I’m done with these works.