The Ballads of Pronouns

Languages shape how we think. People who use different languages think differently; switching between languages, whether in speech or just in your head, literally change how you think. I’ve got like a zillion beef that starts with this phrase, but I’ll try to stick with one for this post: pronouns.

Ah, the magical element of pronouns. Without it, our sentences will be a bland mess of names and objects. Funny thing is you monolingual English-speakers may never realise how lucky you are to be blessed with so many usage for your pronouns. I’m a bilingual, I bask in this blessing half the time, and when switching to the other half, Indonesian, I have to wrangle with my head to cross the gap. I lose the blessing, although there are always some other merits.

On It

For example, it. Such a wonderful word, it. Without it you’ll be stuck repeating the same nouns over and over again. Fun fact: Indonesian has no it. We have no second-person pronoun usable for dead objects. “A cat jumps onto the table, knocking over a vase. It falls and crashes to the ground”. Note the “it” I used to begin the second sentence. If you want to translate that to Indonesian, you have to change the “it” to, approximately, “that vase”, which has about the same level of awkward as it does in English. (We can’t say “the vase” either; Indonesian has no definite article like “the“). Imagine having a string of sentences that start with that it. A translator’s nightmare. Continue reading “The Ballads of Pronouns”


Switching Between Writing and Coding Styles on Notepad++

If you’re like me and you do both literate writing and code-wrangling with plaintext, (and you also have attention span issues which cause you to jump between the two often), you’ll probably have problem picking which text editor to use. Coding environment, with its monospace font and and code highlighting is probably not suited for simple writing. I like to write with Serif fonts, myself.

Notepad++ is an excellent text editor for coding, but as I found out, if you take out the highlighting and switch the font style, it’s perfectly suited for prose writing too. It’s just switching between the two that’s a pain.

So far, here’s what I do.

  1. Settings > Shortcut Mapper > Set something easy to reach Style Configurator
  2. In the Style Configurator, on Global Override, choose the colour and font style that you’d like for writing.
  3. Keep using your default coding style for coding. When you want to switch to writing, call up Style Configurator with your shortcut, then, on Global Override, check everything that you’ve modified
  4. Ta-da~

… Okay put like this it seems pretty messy just for theme switching. Still, it’s easier than it was before, and I don’t have to switch between apps when I’m jumping between writing and coding.

Hope that helps. And if you’ve got any method that’s easier, please let me know.

On Coding, Website-Building, and Relationships with My Hobbies

Let’s just start this by saying that this post is awfully overdue. I’ve been meaning to write it since I sort-of finished building my personal homepage ( last month, but somehow it’s just been side-lined. My interest in programming jumps around with time, it seems. When I’m into it, I will bury myself in it, but other times I just let it slip out of my mind completely.

It’s like having a relationship with someone who travels a lot, and you only get to see them when they’re unexpectedly in town.

So. Yes. I have a personal homepage now., which I’m hoping to turn into a portfolio-like place where I can put my more notable works, just so they won’t drown in the sea of other posts in this blog. So far I’ve listed some reviews and stories that I’ve made. I was hoping I could also put up my programming projects, but after poking through my folders, I realised that I don’t really have any that’s worth showing. Mostly they’re just, well, code doodles? Experiments? The only programming project I’ve actually gotten done is the website itself.

I’ve been meaning to build my own website for a long time now. I think I even made a blog post about it here in, what, 2014? I was trying out static site generator at the time. I remember creating a working offline one with Hugo, with my own design.

At the time, my main motive for building a site from scratch was load times. WordPress was a behemoth that ate up resource and bandwith (still is, really), and I was thinking about creating somewhere that’s lighter. But, as I’ve mentioned above, I had an odd relationship with programming, and I guess at the time it was in town. That odd desire to mess around codes again must’ve been fuel too.

I had an early interest in coding and programming, I suppose. I can’t remember when I started using a computer, but I remember my first was Windows 98. For reference, I was born in ’97. And then I distinctly remember joining online communities around when I was 9. I was active at this website, Neopets, and they have a web page for every pet that’s customizable with (sanitized) HTML and CSS. I somehow found places where fellow Neopets player were putting up tutorials and web design references, and things were just going from there.

I didn’t stay in Neopets long enough to make anything notable (I was 9. What’s to be expected?), but I suppose I learned enough of the basic to carry with me. I never made an effort to remember what I did; I only sometimes make small web pages for the heck of it, but it’s.. it’s like riding a bike. You don’t forget how to do it. Continue reading “On Coding, Website-Building, and Relationships with My Hobbies”