Is it cold out there?

I don’t have any notable news for citation, but is it also colder in other parts of the world?

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, where neither winter nor summer, nor autumn, exist, and our weather is influenced by the monsoon winds that blows from two continents. September to, eh, March are part of the wet season. The time when it rains. Usually, January and February are when it rains the hardest. And in Jakarta, flood is a yearly thing.

I heard we have more rainfall last year, the January-February flood period of 2013. But it rains a lot this January too, 2014. And, I’m not sure if it’s just me, it feels colder, cloudier, and darker this year than the last. The rains are heavy and windy and always dangerous. And the sky stays gray the whole day afterward.

Not sure what this means. Just want to put this here.


Theme Change

For the blog. I feel like if I’m ever going to fill this blog again, it’s not going to be the walls of text that I usually did. Short snippets won’t suit the fancy theme the blog had put up with for, what, almost a year now? I dunno when that happened, the transition between long and long walls of text to simple, short, snippets.

So, yes. New theme. A mostly three-column layout now, with the text wedged inside. Less spaces for text. People used to hate this. But I’m sure most people nowadays have never even heard of a 1024x768px resolution. Everybody’s all widescreen and HD, this blog might not look wedged at all. (Unless the width is fixed… man…)

And the internet nowadays contain shorter, slimmer, snippets instead of long stretched posts anyway. When did that happen? I mean, WordPress now have a “Status” post format. When did this happen? Twitter, is this your fault?

Anyway. I have some homeworks to do. Maybe I’ll ponder about ancient history later.

All a YouTube’s channel’s videos gone missing?

Make sure you’re not in Safety Mode. Make sure you’re not in Safety Mode.

I turn it on often to hide the comments, so I won’t get distracted reading them (and, you know, to keep the unsavory things away). Apparently, it also hides a heckton of videos, even those that are perfectly fine. Scared the heck out of me when a channel shows a “This channel has no video” screen, just because Google consider them not safe for Safety mode, for some reason. Thought Google’s back on copyright pillage mode again. Fortunately not.

So, yeah. If a channel says that it doesn’t have any videos, even though you know it does, make sure you’re not in Safety Mode before throwing insults anywhere.

I’m too tired to think of a proper post

Been thinking of putting a review of Ender’s Game and FTL for a loong while. Or maybe finish that little A Dark Room-inspired fic. Kept forgetting to, and now am too tired. Here, have some cool chiptunes instead. Made by the same guy who made half of the OST for Pause Ahead, which I reviewed earlier.

Dude made some killer beeps. Also, the album’s title is awesome. Your Soundtrack for Becoming Invisible in a Crowd of Strange People. You can’t beat that.

Advise: You see that homework you’re supposed to do a week ag0? Finish it. Seriously.

Late to say New Year

By, what, a full week? Heh.

2013 have been, I have to say, a most wonderful year. Not without faults, but it is one of the most amazing I’ve had. A lot of memorable events. But I’ll spare you, random people of the internet, the details.

I’m hoping of being more open. In general. And to spend less time on wikis and TV Tropes and less time reading through all those cascading comments in Slashdot and Reddit. I’ll try to write for my blog some more. Or just write some more. In general.

Been kind of out of sorts these last few days. Figured I have a few days to find some hobbies – that won’t drain me emotionally – and some friendss attached to them before I go completely nutcrack.

I used to roleplay, but the site I usually go to is down. And I used to be in this great local Pokémon forum, but Pokémon is nothing more than distant but pleasant memories at this point. Been working on the translation on Touhou Patch. But this is draining. Fun, awesome, but draining. Kind of sad that I don’t think anyone but the translators actually use the translations too

But enough rants. Here, have a link. This game is small, bu cool. And I was reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Cards. It is amazing. I might make a review for it later. Also, have this song. The melody has been stuck in my head for days.