Flappy Bird

I think this post was first meant to be an honest review of a game.

Let me be honest. You cannot make an honest review of Flappy Bird, that game that everyone and their mothers plays for some reason. It’s a smartphone game. It is ridiculous.

You thought I Wanna Be the Guy was hard? Flappy Bird… Just don’t play it. If you haven’t already. The average highscore for most people is somewhere between 3 and 16 (if you can get a 90-something like my friend did, you are not most people), and that’s probably after tears and blood are shed.

I got a 7 (EDIT: I got a 23 now). It makes me… reasonably happy.

I’m not even going to try describing how to play it. Or about this sensation I got for getting pass a pipe. Or why everyone has the urge to tell everyone else about it. It’s like… this game is rubbish. Why am I even playing it?

And yet I’ll still rate it 5 stars out of 5. Or something of the sort.

This game is rubbish.


4 thoughts on “Flappy Bird

    1. Thank you! Yours seem interesting too. I’ll check it out from time to time.

      But, man. I almost thought your comment was SPAM. o.O I really don’t suggest doing this to promote your blog. Whenever you post a comment, there will always be a link to your blog, and those who are interested will click it anyway. You don’t have to promote it this deliberately.

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