And the state of being distracted. Writers often allude it to Writer’s Block, artist call it a moment without inspiration, a friend of progress call it procrastination, and members of the Internet will link you to this. They’re really more of less the same: ignoring the work you’re supposed to do now, and doing the work you hope you’re suppose to do.

Like what I’m doing now, writing a blog post and ooh-shiny-ing at the Internet instead of studying properly. You won’t believe how many tabs I have open.


Legend of the Scarlet Devil Mansion

Game Review of 紅魔城伝説Ⅱ 妖幻の鎮魂歌 (Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger’s Requiem)

See. Told you I’m going to write a game review on this blog, one day. And what’s a batter game to first review than an obscure indie Castlevania-inspired Touhou-based platformer?

… Great. Now I’m not sure how to describe the game anymore. Castlevania-inspired Touhou-based platformer is as far as I can get.

Koumajou Densetsu, also more popularly called Touhouvania in the west, is a dualogy of fangames for the Touhou Project made by Frontier Aja. The game is made very similar to the Castlevania series, and pay many homages and Shout Out to it.

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Google’s New Channel

On a particularly random day, browsing not so randomly through YouTube, I notice that there’s more and more YouTube One channels showing up. And you thought the old channel changes were bad. And you thought what we have now is bad.

YouTube has this thing on them. They just have this wonderful ability of changing things for the worse.

So, in some kind of tactical rage, I press the Feedback button, and write this little piece of rant/constructive criticism.

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Ha! Thought the Blog’s Dead, Didya?

A question more for myself than the reader. You, in other words. But using second-person pronoun for this kinda thing can be creepy.

Stuffs been happening. Then again, when is it not happening? Stuffs always happen to anyone, everyone, at all time.

Existential equations aside, I’ve been thinking of writing a lot of post for the blog, actually. A video game review. A webcomic review. An recommendation for mental cures for headache. Stuffs. Didn’t have the time or patience, though. I should find more time where I can leisurely sit down and blog without having this urge to go check another website.

Procrastination, in other words. And distraction. See, this is why I love full-screen minimalist writing application so much.

… Am listening to this, while writing it. I’m not really sure how to describe it, other than epic, in all meanings of the word.

Funny Thing About Music

How does one define musical ability?

I have little patience (dang it me) for learning musical instruments, or music composition instruments, or just to play a song I like on a musical instruments, so give me a guitar or a keyboard or a whatever, and I might be able to make a Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si-Do, but not an actual song. Rubbish.

Ai, but I listen to plenty of music, and have this ability of remembering the whole melody after only hearing it once. The melody, the notes, not just the song. In the mind, I can rearrange it all I like, remix it, mix it up, use a different instruments, turn a small tune into a grand orchestra. And I can’t show it to anyone. Heck, I can’t even sing it. My mouth has problem talking, much less singing.

I rearrange a perfectly rock song into a completely folkish one on the harmonica, once. All in the mind, of course. Give me a real harmonica, and while I know what it sounds like, I won’t be able to make a song with it. But give me something that can transmit what’s in the mind into the real world, and I’ll be the happiest person on Earth.


Existential Problem

Time is early, again. Then again, what do you expect? No matter how fast or slow you do your things, he will always be one step ahead, or one step back. Frankly, I’m starting to think he doesn’t care about us. He’s just moving at his own pace. Too fast, or too slow, he simply doesn’t care. Heck, by all means, the rest of the universe should be relative to him, not to the speed of light.

You can try to follow him, to match your speed with his. But where’s the life in that? You might as well be dead.

Wind Tidings


One of those times… Or day? One of those days.. No, really. It’s just times. This can’t last as long as a whole day, can it?

One of those times when you’re just completely high on inspirations, and wanted to make this one… thing. Whatever that thing is, be it a drawing or story or music compositions. But… you just can’t. Maybe there’s just not enough time. Maybe you’re just too tired. Maybe the hand refuse to put down what is in the mind. Or maybe a part of you still freaking out over something.

Either way, you can’t make a good use of your inspirations. You can store all those mind-boggling things in your mind somewhere else. They’re stuck there, unable to get out.

… It doesn’t feel good, you know. Like, there’s a million thing you can do, but you just… can’t do it.

Cat’s Pajamas

Now moving from Posterous, which is closing down. Can’t say I don’t expect it, actually. I know it’s going to happen, sooner or later. Even when I first started it, I know from the its deadness that it’s going to be dead. But it’s a cool place, with plenty of nice features, so I stayed.

‘Course, I don’t write much. It’s exactly like me to only do something for the first five minutes, when it’s brand new and shiny and interesting. Updates become less and less later on.

In any case, with Posterous down, I’m returning to WordPress. I tried it once, moved to Blogspot since I want more (free) design customization, moved to Posterous since Blogspot is horribly… oversized? Heavy? Is that the word I’m looking for? Reminds me of Java.

I’m back in WordPress now. Here’s hoping that the excitement of blogging with very few people reading does not disappear.

And man, look at these new features! WordPress had been to places when I was gone.