I just want to say Hollow Knight Hollow Knight Hollow-

Someone in a message board somewhere asked for recommendation for action platformers. I end up making a list on the platformers that I like, in general. For PC, and apparently mostly indies.

I’ll probably make a more fleshed out list + description, eventually. But for now here’s the list.

Generic list of platformer game recommendation, depending on what you’re looking for:

Metroidvanias? Ori and the Blind Forest
Patient, difficult combat? Hollow Knight
Patient, difficult combat (2)? Momodora
Platforming flow? Dustforce
Roguelike-ish? Spelunky
Perfection? Cave Story
Something straight in your browser? Adventure Story
Other stuffs I haven’t tried but are probably good? Axiom Verge. Shovel Knight. Shantae.
Joke answer? Mighty No. 9


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