Switching Between Writing and Coding Styles on Notepad++

If you’re like me and you do both literate writing and code-wrangling with plaintext, (and you also have attention span issues which cause you to jump between the two often), you’ll probably have problem picking which text editor to use. Coding environment, with its monospace font and and code highlighting is probably not suited for simple writing. I like to write with Serif fonts, myself.

Notepad++ is an excellent text editor for coding, but as I found out, if you take out the highlighting and switch the font style, it’s perfectly suited for prose writing too. It’s just switching between the two that’s a pain.

So far, here’s what I do.

  1. Settings > Shortcut Mapper > Set something easy to reach Style Configurator
  2. In the Style Configurator, on Global Override, choose the colour and font style that you’d like for writing.
  3. Keep using your default coding style for coding. When you want to switch to writing, call up Style Configurator with your shortcut, then, on Global Override, check everything that you’ve modified
  4. Ta-da~

… Okay put like this it seems pretty messy just for theme switching. Still, it’s easier than it was before, and I don’t have to switch between apps when I’m jumping between writing and coding.

Hope that helps. And if you’ve got any method that’s easier, please let me know.


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