I think this was supposed to go somewhere, but I forgot

Programmers everywhere will tell you that computers are the source of all woes, and that their craft is a complete utter shitshow. Everything is built up on something else that someone made just couple of years ago and depends on something else that someone else made and it seems like none of these things are going to last any more than a couple of years.

This isn’t unique to programming (I mean, I’m sure anybody who has spent long enough with their work, from accounting to zumba fitness, will tell you that their work is complete rubbish, independent to whether or not they actually enjoy it). This is also basically how science works, too.

Every piece of mathematics’s black magic is just built on something else some other guy has established. Every successfully proven theory on how physics even work rely on the theories that were proven long ago. When you’re studying a science, you’re not so much filling yourself with knowledge of the universe’s intricacies, as just trying to understand whatever the folks before you were talking about.



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