Hidden gem of a game

Currently playing a game called The Final Station and am writing a (n Indonesian -language) review for it. There’s a couple of things I want to say about it first.

One. This game blew my mind. I expected some simple zombie shooter/train management sim, and instead I get a full-blown narrative experience with a feel that you can just tell is unique to the people who made it. And the people who made it happens to be Russians. You don’t get a lot of games from up there.

Two. It’s definitely a narrative experience. I hesitate to label it simply a zombie shooter/train management, as it’s so much more than just its mechanics. In fact, I’d say while in most cases stories work in service to the gameplay, here its gameplay is the one that serves the story.

So yeah, I’m most impressed. If you can read Indonesian, a full review is incoming. If you’re an English-speaker, well, I might be compelled to say a couple more things about it later.


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