future generations will live surrounded by machines

I’ve been playing games since I was a wee kid, way back when we’re using Windows 98. That might not seem like not too long ago, but I’m still young and mind, here in Indonesia, digital penetration takes its time. By the time we’re using the ol’ 98, the rest of the world might already have jumped to XP.

I can’t remember what year it was when I started spending my time in front of the computer, only that it was a ’98, on a Pentium something computer. I remember having to check the system requirement of every game I’m going to get. Anything with a Pentium III or IV were off-limits.

I played games, mostly, of course. I was a kid. Sometimes I clicked on random things on the screen and try to figure them out, but that wasn’t very often. Most of everything was handled by my Dad, who I regarded as some sort of computer genius. In a way, I guess that’s not too far off. Computers were rare, and Dad must be one of the few who could handle it with ease.

I grow more comfortable with computers over time. Of course. I’ve never stopped using it. I didn’t get my own personal computer until  I was 11, but I must have accumulated the most amount of time in front of that family computer way back, at a time when most of the people my age were doing who knows what. Watching TV? Playing outside? What is life like before?

(Not to say I didn’t have my fair share of playing outside. I had plenty.)

Sometimes it surprises me, nowadays, that there are people who can’t figure out how to work their computer, how to manage it, how to not stuff it with spam and malware. All you need to do is just to click random buttons and figure out what they do, I said, and know some basic English. But I guess that’s not fair at all. I’ve been handling these machines since I was a kid. I’ve got an intuitive sense that’s been unconsciously trained for years. Most people my age here don’t see a personal computer until they’re ten years old.

So. So that rant is veering far off course. That’s fine. You just gotta be patient.



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