Some game recommendations

Thanks to my new part-time-kind-of job as a contributor to a gaming website, I’ve been able to play video games pretty regularly without feeling that crushing guilt of time wasted away. Most of them are pretty great, within reason, assuming you can get used to the game itself.

I still owe the website some articles, but I can give some quick recommendations/review-thing for a couple of games I’ve played this year.

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

Lovely metroidvania platformer, that’s hard and challenging as heck even from the first level. The game successfully destroy any hubris I have about being gud at video games. Folks say it’s Dark Souls-like, but I’ve never played Dark Souls so what do I know. Its pixel art is lovely lovely lovely, despite the grimdark atmosphere.


An adventure game about teenagers and a haunted island. Classic gameplay at its top, but in the deeper end it’s a game about talking, making conversations, carrying conversations, and that deep anxiety of being a teenager and how to handle your friends. The story itself isn’t that deep, the puzzles and exploration themselves are more a hindrance, but the conversations tho.

The Wolf Among Us

It’s a Telltale game, which means it’s a pretty solid adventure game. Solid story, solid structure, solid engagement level. Definitely a capital M Mature game, and not just for the violence or that one NSFW scene. To be honest, it’s kind of forgettable for me, but it does get me thinking of picking up some Fables graphic novels, so there’s that.

Shadowrun (Returns, Dragonfall, Hong Kong)

I grew up on JRPGs, so classic western tabletop-style RPGs are like, what. Being based on the tabletop series, the Shadowrun video games still fit that Tabletop feeling to the T. Or at least, when it’s being a game. 50% of Shadowrun is, apparently, a novel. And a frickin sprawling novel at that. They put details everywhere, in every part of the world. There’s even this one terminal that tells the complete history of an unremarkable, unimportant location. Imagine the time and effort into writing them, man, even though the majority of players won’t even notice them.

The world itself cyberpunk enough to put Neuromancer to shame. It knows what it is, it knows how completely wacky it is (elves that can jack into the matrix, a human who can summon magical beast with the power of a chip installed to their eyeballs), and it rolls with it so blasted perfectly.

Definitely not for everyone. Lots and lots of reading and classic gameplay is enough to shut everyone out unless you’re a cyberpunk-adoring kid like me.


Play it. Play it again.

Stuffs I’m looking forward to

  1. Night in the Woods, out this fall.
  2. Hyper Light Drifter, out in less than a week.
  3. VA-11 HALl-A,  out this year, probably.

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