Blog theme change

Wow. Uhh. The internet changes a lot, doesn’t it?

You can almost always tell when a website was last updated by the way it looks. Technology marches on, and how we use it keeps on changing. And, like fashion, so much like fashion, website design changes constantly, following the whims of its people and how they use the internet.

Not a year ago I can’t imagine browsing with my phone. It’s clunky and messy and the screen is always too small. 2015, and nearly everyone visit websites through their phone. And all those websites without a phone-friendly layout falls into obscurity.

My blog design has been okay for the most part, and I’m not changing it because it’s falling behind, just because I’m bored of seeing the old dull one. So I browse around and, man, WordPress theme database has seen an evolution through the ages hasn’t it? The standard three or two column version has fallen out of style. Now having a mobile version of the theme matters.

I’m still looking for the right theme, and though the one I’ve found is okay, I still think it’s not quite right. Either way, I’ve changed the blog theme. I used to make a blog post whenever I change, at least to keep track of which theme they are, but I lost track of the last one. So now I have no idea what theme I was using previously. It was kind of nice, too. Oh, well.

The blog has changed theme to Wilson.


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