A Game About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs was a pretty big passion of mine back when I was still a child. My parents are geologists, and they liked to show me fossils and other prehistoric oddities. They gave me numerous books about dinosaurs and earth history, and even from before I could read I really liked those textbooks with cool illustrations of fossils and artist’s impression dinosaurs and even stratigraphy. I learned the names of geological ages long before I know the current year. I memorized the names and classification of dinosaurs before I learned the name of plants that grow on our front yard (heck, I don’t even know some of them to this day).

This passion wanes a bit as media for it become rarer (I’ve never watched Jurassic Park, but I owe a lot to it. All these children’s books and cartoons and documentaries about dinosaurs wouldn’t be so popular without it), but it’s still somewhere in my blood. Dinosaurs, I mean. I don’t actively seek them out anymore, but if I, say, come across yet another stupid argument on the internet on whether or not they have fur, I still always read through them.

Art of Saurian by http://arvalis.deviantart.com

Apparently called a Denversaurus.

Through one of my crazy delves into the depth of the internet, I came across this guy, who made some pretty awesome scientifically-less-baffling version of Pokemon. He is also apparently a concept artist for a game called Saurian.

It feels like a dream that I’ve always had, but never realized. A game where you play as dinosaurs, which tries to be as scientifically accurate as possible? I’m already sold!


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