I had a dream once where you can switch OSs back and forth without rebooting a thing

Despite still having, and loving, a Ubuntu in my computer, I’ve moved entirely to Windows, nowadays. I’ve discovered that Ubuntu still can’t quite manage my AMD dual-graphics, and it always decides to use the power-eating discrete graphic card by default. I can’t stand the heavy noise it makes when I’m working. And Ubuntu also decides to be difficult when I’m trying to get the right drivers working. So before I throw a dozen more hours into it, I said screw it. I’ll just stick with Windows.

Some long time ago I decided that it’s just not worth it to throw the rest of my life fighting computers. I’ve wanted to work with computer for most of my childhood but I’ve spent enough to know how absolutely insane that can get.. So I’m going to major in physics or astronomy instead. Proper science! I’ll just leave these computer messes with the experts who insist on being experts.

Still, though. Getting through all that tangle in the registry or spamming the word sudo in the terminal have their charms.

Besides, I really can’t stand Windows at its worst. I’m going to have to fix that problem with Ubuntu eventually.


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