Being on an aeroplane and a ship has its similarities. Hours afterwards I still feel like I’m floating on turbulent air, the plane going up and down and up and barf. The difference being that I don’t get seasick, but flying can be nasty.

Happy New Year. I just spent new year on a plane on way between two time zones with four hours of difference, so instead of wondering which clock I have to use to mark that changing of date and when to light my imaginary fireworks, I slept. And it was a good sleep too. I woke up in time to see the sun rising. It was beautiful. It’s not everyday that you get to see sunrise while being airborne, on the first day of the year.

The clouds. The clouds are beautiful too. I spent the rest of the ride looking out to the clouds and making a pseudo-poem kind of thing about them. And when the plane was going down I saw Jakarta from above. A sprawling, majestic, metropolitan, reaching as far as the eye can see. I’ve never felt much sense of belonging to the messy giant city where I have lived for most of my life before, but man, I think now I do.

In the middle east there were only the desert, dirt, rocks, and all the buildings looking exactly the same. Dull. A blue cloudless sky with the merciless desert sun shining on everything. At night I can’t even see the stars.

Anyway, I digress, happy new year. I know I haven’t been up with the blog much this year. Or the entire internet, for that matter. And I don’t think that’s going to change either. There’ll be final exams and I’m going to college this year, so it’s looking up to be a busy and eventful year. But expect sporadic blog post. I hope. I like throwing words around, apparently. I’m hoping to be a bit more public with them.

Again, it’s a new year!

Gah, I think I’m still airsick.


7 thoughts on “2015

  1. Happy new year, Monny (I seriously don’t know how else to shorten your alias, so please excuse my terrible attempt at doing it).

    There’s a new Touhou game recently. Well, just a demo, that is. I heard you like them fighting games. Have you tried it?

    1. Oh, hey! Still alive and kicking, Glass? Haven’t seen you do anything for a long while (other than spamming the internet with a multitude of homepages. What’s up with that?). Sorry for the late reply. Been up and about and forgetting this thing exists again.

      I haven’t been following Touhou much recently, I admit. Not since the disappointment with thpatch. And because of life. Real life is looking up so internet life is slowing down. I might try that out. Personally, I think HM’s fighting system is kind of messy, so, yeah, I’d like to know what this one does with it. Kind of disappointed alphes’s not making the art for this one, though.

      1. Nah, it’s alright. Real life, after all, can indeed be a pain in the ass and all (except for me, who have no life whatsoever, but that’s another story). But still, a multitude? I-it was only three homepages, okay?! I didn’t know what I was doing when I created them!

        I-in any case, since I’ve never really been into the fighting games myself, I’m not really bothered by it. Sure, alphes’ art is definitely more well known, but Moe Harukawa’s art is not too bad either.

        On a completely different note: what happened to thpatch that I apparently missed?

      2. For someone without life you seem pretty invisible. Man, where have you been? I kinda miss your YouTube uploads, really. Unless you’ve been wasting hours making homepages after homepages… actually, I can totally relate to that. Heh.

        Thpatch is still alive. It just feels like a zombie, dead. The project lost a lot of energy when NamelessLegacy, its creator, left. Progress is either super slow or non-existent. And I’m just not comfortable making more translations on the thpatch wiki when everyone keep saying the wiki’s a crap system and will be replaced soon. It’s been a long while, but still the replacement system ain’t there. Dunno, though. Maybe it’ll pick up life when the next danmaku Touhou shows up. Or maybe it’ll be de facto dead by then. Who knows.

      3. Tell me if I got this right: did he (NamelessLegacy) get butthurt and ragequit just because people prefer to arrange popular songs of Touhou instead of the obscure ones? That’s the conclusion that I reached after lurking about in that site, at least.

        And yes, I’d absolutely love to get back to uploading video and making music and all that stuff. It’s just various circumstances wouldn’t allow me (that, and because I’m pretty lazy to begin with). The only thing left I can do to waste my time is, just like you said, making homepages after homepages.

        Which reminds me: nice new post, by the way. I found out about Hugo thanks to you, and it does look pretty damn sweet – although I’m just gonna use it as a reference since right now I’m more determined to figure out how to accomplish things using my current Bootstrap framework.

        Making (or perhaps “designing” would be a more appropriate term in this case) a website from scratch (or even using a CSS framework) can be difficult, but I’m sure you can handle it just fine.

      4. Well. NamelessLegacy is a complicated person. He gets butthurt about a lot of things, like the Touhou community being inactive, the community being silly, the community not appreciating what he does, the community not appreciating anything anyone does. Even before thcrap, he’s already pretty hostile with Touhou. His thing with the arrange scene is pretty old. A lot of things happened, but from what I gathered, the thing that made him ragequit is because, when he was working for a translation patch for the PC-98 games, the guy he was working with released it without his consent. The translation patch was done, really. It’s just not packaged and released the way NamelessLegacy had wanted it to.

        Yeah, saying he’s pretty moody. But damn, if he ain’t super talented at what he does. Honestly I thought it’s a great loss that he left the scene. But, well, I guess this community just ain’t the place for him.

        Good luck to your site-making endeavour too (though I have no idea what a CSS frameworks does. Is it, like, ready-made codes so you can just plug in numbers and tada?).

        And, umm, if this conversation is going to get way longer than should be allowed for a comment section, do you mind if we just talk back and forth through e-mail? I got your Gmail address. Do you still use it?

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