So it’s been a while

Since my last blog post, if you ignore the rant one. I’d forgotten that I have a blog for a while. The reason why I had was because I didn’t have much to speak of. Or I was feeling less than quippy. Funny thing about blogging when I write a journal daily anyway. Can’t really tell where something only for myself starts, and where the rest begins.

A while ago I got a brand new computer. A 15″ Asus laptop with AMD A10 processor and Radeon 8670m graphic, 4 GB of RAM, all for oonly about $500. Awesome little thing. No more lagging with vector graphics, no more unresponsive start button, Windows freaking Seven, and I can finally try out triple-A video games released in the last year. I don’t see how this thing can get any better that it is.

It wasn’t pre-equipped with any operating systems though, so I had to get my hands dirty. Took a whole day to set up Windows 7 right, download and install all the right drivers, get all the buttons working and the tweaks running. But now it’s awesome. I also installed Ubuntu 14, because I need to have Linux dual-boot computer.

The difference between setting up my Win7 and Ubuntu is like night and day. Ubuntu seems prepackaged with every driver conceivable. I just had to download the disk, look for an empty DVD, and, after failing that, find out how to boot it through my USB flash disk. Intall, and bam. Everything works. Even the fn-controls on my keyboard work right away. On Windows it requires a specific bloated software from Asus.

The computer is great. It runs Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD perfectly on Normal graphic setting, which is good enough. Which is definitely good enough. Damn, man, this is more than just good enough, this is amazing.

It heats up, though. I can feel it on my palm as I type, but it has never killed itself insofar (some errors when I was setting up, but they’re mostly gone now), so all is well.

Booting up isn’t a 7-second thing most modern laptops promote, but it’s still a hella faster than my old six-year-old desktop. It’s too large to carry around comfortably, but, heck, the only reason I need a laptop instead of a desktop is because I might have to move next year. It’s an awesome little thing.

Other than that. Eh. There was this one thing I was going to blog, a long while ago, about how I relearned HTML and CSS and general web programming after abandoning and later forgetting it for years. But I guess that’s too long ago, now.

I think I might be able to squeeze in a book review today, though.

Today is the final day of inter-class holiday. Don’t expect more regular updates. Expect the opposite.


2 thoughts on “So it’s been a while

  1. I’ve installed Ubuntu 14.04 on a x550d but the trackpad doesn’t seem to work, can you give me some enlightenment as to what you did to make it work?

    1. Odd. It should work right out of the box. Maybe you’ve disabled it? Try pressing fn+F9. I remember having to install some Asus driver for the fn+button combo to work on Windows, but it should work right away on Ubuntu.

      Can you change the Touchpad setting in System Settings? If there’s no options for the touchpad then I guess for some reason Ubuntu hasn’t installed its driver yet. Could be an installation error. Where did you get Ubuntu from? Mine is the 64 bit version straight off its homepage.

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