Theme Change

For the blog. I feel like if I’m ever going to fill this blog again, it’s not going to be the walls of text that I usually did. Short snippets won’t suit the fancy theme the blog had put up with for, what, almost a year now? I dunno when that happened, the transition between long and long walls of text to simple, short, snippets.

So, yes. New theme. A mostly three-column layout now, with the text wedged inside. Less spaces for text. People used to hate this. But I’m sure most people nowadays have never even heard of a 1024x768px resolution. Everybody’s all widescreen and HD, this blog might not look wedged at all. (Unless the width is fixed… man…)

And the internet nowadays contain shorter, slimmer, snippets instead of long stretched posts anyway. When did that happen? I mean, WordPress now have a “Status” post format. When did this happen? Twitter, is this your fault?

Anyway. I have some homeworks to do. Maybe I’ll ponder about ancient history later.


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