Is it cold out there?

I don’t have any notable news for citation, but is it also colder in other parts of the world?

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, where neither winter nor summer, nor autumn, exist, and our weather is influenced by the monsoon winds that blows from two continents. September to, eh, March are part of the wet season. The time when it rains. Usually, January and February are when it rains the hardest. And in Jakarta, flood is a yearly thing.

I heard we have more rainfall last year, the January-February flood period of 2013. But it rains a lot this January too, 2014. And, I’m not sure if it’s just me, it feels colder, cloudier, and darker this year than the last. The rains are heavy and windy and always dangerous. And the sky stays gray the whole day afterward.

Not sure what this means. Just want to put this here.


2 thoughts on “Is it cold out there?

  1. So, I take it your house got flooded too? It’s practically the same here in Bekasi (and probably in other places too), but I think it’s not really that bad compared to there. I mean, it’s fortunate enough that my house didn’t get flooded this year. Well, almost.

    It definitely gets colder this year, alright. Never before have I experienced such near-hypothermia condition just by waking up and taking a bath in the morning. It’s insane, I tell you.

    Of course summer does exist; what do you think “musim kemarau” is? (Holy crap, it rhymes!)

    Nice new layout, by the way.

    1. My neighborhood is awesome, and the last time it flooded here was in 2007, when it was only half knee-deep anyway. But a lot of my friends got flooded. I think it mostly hits those who lives riverside.

      Rhymes, oh, you. Nah. “Musim kemarau” is “dry season”, technically. It just doesn’t have that same feeling of summer, sun, swimming, vacation that summer is, you know. YMMV, I think monsoon season is just kind of like two kinds of spring, all year long.

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