Late to say New Year

By, what, a full week? Heh.

2013 have been, I have to say, a most wonderful year. Not without faults, but it is one of the most amazing I’ve had. A lot of memorable events. But I’ll spare you, random people of the internet, the details.

I’m hoping of being more open. In general. And to spend less time on wikis and TV Tropes and less time reading through all those cascading comments in Slashdot and Reddit. I’ll try to write for my blog some more. Or just write some more. In general.

Been kind of out of sorts these last few days. Figured I have a few days to find some hobbies – that won’t drain me emotionally – and some friendss attached to them before I go completely nutcrack.

I used to roleplay, but the site I usually go to is down. And I used to be in this great local Pokémon forum, but Pokémon is nothing more than distant but pleasant memories at this point. Been working on the translation on Touhou Patch. But this is draining. Fun, awesome, but draining. Kind of sad that I don’t think anyone but the translators actually use the translations too

But enough rants. Here, have a link. This game is small, bu cool. And I was reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Cards. It is amazing. I might make a review for it later. Also, have this song. The melody has been stuck in my head for days.


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