Pause, Ahead

Game mini-review of Pause Ahead by Askii Soft.

I’ve recently been introduced to this strange little platformer game, titled Pause Ahead. (Kongregate link, I’m sure you can find it in Newgrounds and Armor Games or your other flash games portal)

It’s a flash game, which means, it’s not very big. It’s a platformer game with old-school graphic and old-school background music. You’ll think you’ve seen this many time before.

And you’ll be wrong.


Just remember: once you pause, there is nothing you can do to change your path. Let the chips fall where they may. Hopefully not directly onto a spike.

It has a very unique mechanic, pausing. And with it you have to pass through sequences of devilishly and cleverly designed puzzles. To be frank, this brilliant little game is, by far, the most satisfyingly hard game I’ve had in ages.

But that’s not just the best thing about this game. Its story, narrative, is surprisingly deep. About a quarter through, you will not meet some (or perhaps just one? two?) new character who take over the narration. Or maybe he’s talking to you. Or maybe he hacked the system just to establish some communication with the player, as a last resort.

I won’t spoil you, but I think  I can ramble a paragraph full of speculation and it still won’t say a thing about the game.


But you know what the best thing about it is? The music. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this game probably has the best video game music that I’ve ever heard in a video game, used as a video game BGM. Old-school-style chiptunes. According to the statistic, I’ve died over 600 times, often replaying the same level with the same music over and over and over again. The music hasn’t gotten old yet.

In fact, I haven’t actually beaten the game yet. Be right back. Final boss is hard.

Game Paused


3 thoughts on “Pause, Ahead

  1. If you enjoyed this game, then I recommend you to check out another game that Askiisoft has made: Tower of Heaven. And I can assure you, the soundtrack of said game is freaking awesome.

    Or… well, maybe you’ve also already played it. If that’s the case, then never mind.

    But still, I’ve played this game back when it was first released on August. But my browser ー for some reason ーjust couldn’t withstand the lag. So, to avoid overheating, I had no choice but to close the game. It’s unfortunate, really. The concept is rather unique, and I heard that the soundtrack is composed by flashygoodness, too! One can already expect quality chiptune tracks just from hearing that name.

    Well long story short; I haven’t tried the game anymore since then.

    1. You should try with a different browser. Or different computer. Or upgrade/optimize your computer, really. It still works in my 5+ year old computer. Slow, but still playable. Makes the levels so much easier, but it still works.

      I’ve never heard o flashygoodness before this, actually! But my favorite track’s the one made by… the other guy. I forgot his name. :p

      Well, if you can’t play the game, you should at least listen to the soundtrack. There’s enough awesome there to last generations.

  2. Walaupun ini nggak ada hubungannya dengan pos ini, tetap saya bilang disini, karena bingung mau kontak PseudoMon dari mana (Di Touhou Patch Center pun udah nggak terlalu aktif). Ini tentang gambar DDC (terutama yang pembuka stage):
    1. Nama musiknya mungkin bisa diperbesar lagi? Soalnya saya tes di game pake resolusi 640X480 dan Windowed Mode hampir nggak keliatan. Mungkin diperbesar sebesar punya-nya Fallencube? (Lihat di Portal Talk Id)
    2. Nama musik stage 2 bukannya seharusnya “Manusia dan Youkai Datang dan Pergi ke Kanal”?
    3. Sama seperti yang pertama, judul dan lokasi stage-nya mungkin bisa diperbesar lagi? Terutama yang nama lokasi.
    4. Di pemilihan karakter Sakuya, ‘s’ di sang bukannya seharusnya kapital?
    5. Di tipe tembakan mungkin sebaiknya “saat tidak fokus” diganti jadi “saat cepat” dan “saat fokus” diganti jadi “saat lambat”, bagaimana?

    Yaudah, itu aja. Udah dulu yaa~

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