Pffttt… What is this thing?

StygimolochClick image for full view[Here’s the original, uncolored version.]

Snrk. What? I dunno, man. I drew that, but I’m not sure where I was going there. It must be the monocle. I was drawing serious and stuffs, put a monocle there, and bam. I regret not being able to give it a coat, and a pole, and a larger top hat.

It’s a Stygimoloch spinifer, a relation of Pachycephalosaurus, but with the wrong kind of mouth. Pachycephalosaurus, is that how it’s spelled? I used to really liked dinosaurs when I was young. And no, it has very little to do with Jurassic Park (“Deinonychus are badass. Eh, velociraptor? What’s that?”).

Anyway. I’m using this for my picture in Twitter. @PseudoStygian. Because I can.


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