So, About Visual Novels

Let me tell you about visual novels. They’re a weird sort. Like a bastard child of a novel and a video game. Or maybe a comic. Its gene might contribute to. But the point is, that visual novel looks like a mistake. All the cumbersome size of a video game with none of the interactivity, as much artwork necessary for a comic with none of its fluid movement, and all the narrative power (and text) of novel with none of its literary requirement or pleasure. What is this visual novel thing?

Strange as it is, it’s actually a narrative platform that stands on its own. It’s like a game, but not interactive enough for a game. It’s not a comic. With sounds and images, it’s not even bloated enough with text to be a proper novel. But a good visual novel doesn’t need to be compared. Can’t even be compared. It stand on its own. Best if it tells a story that would be difficult to convey otherwise.

This is a ramble, mind the loss of sense.

In any case, despite its uncomfortable connotation with dating simulations and erotica, there do exist good visual novels that tells great deep stories like any other perfectly good form of art. Those in English, maybe not as common. But for those Japanese gems, there are always those happy fan translators who do a good job on their own.

Now, I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this ramble, but I’m sure it’s going to end in True Remembrance. A wonderful little visual novel that will take you on a journey unlike anything you’ve taken before. But at its core, it’s a simple story, with honest feelings.

I might make a ramble-free review/preview of it later. It’s not a game, you don’t do anything other than pressing the continue button, but it touches me in a way that no other novel or game has done. If you have some freetime though, I would definitely recommend that you give it a look. It’s free, it’s in English, it’s wonderful, and what else do you want?


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