What the hell, YouTube?

I discovered this yesterday. They removed a perfectly benign channel, ReallyFancyPirates, for “copyright issue” that, in my opinion, is completely superfluous and irrelevant. The channel has done nothing wrong, it has simply shared music.

A Touhou arrange uploader, to be more specific. The music of Touhou is made by a nice guy in Japanese, who hold a very loose holding over his creations and let everyone, absolutely everyone, to modify any of his works in any way they like. This spawns a couple billions of arranges, which is distributed in Japan only, and later kindly introduced to the rest of the world by mostly YouTube uploaders.

ReallyFancyPirates is one such channel. It hosts a great deal of beautiful music that wouldn’t reach my ears otherwise.

I might no be so pissed (of which I damn am right now) if the channel in question does not the contain the only online trace of two especially beautiful songs. The whole removed-due-to-copyright thing might not sound too much of an ass, if the two songs in questions weren’t actually publicly available on its creator’s homepage for free. 

His name’s Yuy, and he must be an obscure god among Touhou arrangers. I’m referring specifically to his free arrange of Phantom Ensemble and Luna Dial. This Yuy guy is darned hard to track, with his homepage disappearing and that he’s not a very famous arranger; I literally had to spend hours just to find him and those two wretchedly bewitching musics. He usually went with the circle name t=NODE, which is what I know him as… until a year ago.

His circle is now called “Secret Messenger.” Hell if I know why the change. You suppose these people will put a notice or something. His new homepage’s in http://yuyhp.dousetsu.com/. Surprise! No trace of his old songs there either.


I wonder if somebody has it, somewhere. Phantom Ensemble and Luna Dial by Yuy, from the circle t=NODE.


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