Learning to Translate

There’s a reason I don’t like Indonesian. Why I write in English, and only use my mother’s tongue for exactly that: tongue, but not mind.

And I’ll be damned if I can explain why to those who don’t live and breath Indonesian.

It’s a young language, for one. For starters, there’s a very clear discord between written and spoken Indonesian. Formalities. If you don’t use it in writing, it will fail. If you use it verbally, you will be mocked by nigh everyone. Of course, there’s always a way around this, but English is just so much simpler. And don’t even get me started on vocabulary and how bloody illiterate Indonesians are…

But, what the hell, I’m bilingual. I can do both Indonesian and English perfectly, and I’m learning more on the way. So when an opportunity arise where I can try translating a Japanese game with an English version to Indonesian, and see the result immediately, well, why not.

I’m talking about Touhou Patch Center and its thcrap (Touhou Community-Reliant Automatic Patcher). The future of Touhou patching – multilingual, self-updating patches for the main series, completely under the control of fans like myself.  It is amazing. And whoever comes up with this is so pretty effin’ committed to it too, he deserved a medal.

A translation patch for Touhou 14, almost overnight. And an Indonesian patch on the ready less than 12 hours after I translated two scenarios and a lot of music themes. (I was excited to see its Twitter update announcing it. Very excited)

Amazing. More details on the translation later.


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