An Endless Sporadic

I first listen to An Endless Sporadic from Guitar Hero III, years after I started playing the game, just because I’ve never noticed the Bonus Song menu before. Impulse, a song by this oddly named band, is there. And Impulse is good. Weird, messy, but good, just the way I like it. Rock and freedom and all that. And free of vocal hurdles, which is just charming.

And then the music and its artist, odd as it is, simply slip out of my mind. I simply wasn’t too much into music back then.

Years later, the song Impulse, for some indiscernible reason, play in my mind. It plays and plays and loop. And I enjoyed it. It was stuck, and I figure, why the heck not, let’s fish around YouTube and see if I can listen to it again.

Frankly, just like how every surf through the internet is like, I got more than I bargained for.

An Endless Sporadic is simply a marvelous band. Rock, Progressive, and very much Weird, in a good way.





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