Swearing and Language

I used to stay as far away as possible from those, when I was young. The Fs and Ds and Ss and derogatory words. It’s impolite, it’s bad, and frankly when I was young I don’t know precisely what they mean. And I was young; I don’t have much use for those. People don’t like it, I don’t like it nor need it. So I don’t bother, and not understanding it, I tend to be uncomfortable when I see them just because.

Getting older, I realize that every words have a meaning and a purpose. Swearwords aren’t bad by definition, only by usage.

I use them, now, knowing what they mean and why I use them. Knowing that I need them. Not for the general public – I try to be polite and respectful to the general public – but only for more personal things. Journals, notes, chats with myself and to those whom are especially close.

And, of course, when writing fiction, but only when it asks for it.

Swearwords ain’t bad by definition. Swearwords, like all words, are tools. It depends on how they are used.



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