Appending Subtitles Using Avidemux

Or, how to hardsub a video with Avidemux.

For a school project a while back. It took me literally hours just for searching on how to do this. I don’t get why. It’s really very simple. And the internet knows everything. For something this basic, the internet should have this written down already.

Anyway. Avidemux. It’s a great open-source cross-platform video editor. It can cut videos, combine videos, add subtitles and nifty effects, little things that most people are looking for in a video editor. It can read .flv, .mkv, .avi, basically any video files you can think of. [Here’s the homepage.] And here’s the [download page.] Get the latest version if you haven’t already.

As of this writing, Avidemux can only add ASS or SSA subtitles. If you have a .srt one, [convert it with this.] If you have it in any other format, for some reason, just go look for a converter somewhere.


1. Load the video you want to hardsub (File > Open)

2. On Video Output, pick on that isn’t Copy. I usually use Mpeg4 (xvid4)


3. Then click the Filters button below that. Double click on SSA.

4. Load the subtitle file. Press OK.

5. Click Preview if you want to see if it’s working or not.


6. File > Save the video. Pick a different Output Format, if you want.

Note that the subtitles won’t show up when you edit the video then, but it will be there to the video you saved afterward.

Hope that clear things up for people. Any questions, mistakes, or concern, let me know with a comment.


2 thoughts on “Appending Subtitles Using Avidemux

  1. Thank you. I searched maybe for 3 hours … I tried all the programs (seriously!), only Avidemux worked for me… but not until i changed my subtitle file .srt / .txt with batch subtitles converter to .ass ! What a headache 🙂

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