Emotions in a Jar

Or rather, combination of noise made by musical instruments.

In other words, music.

I like music. But this one. This one album, of genre I don’t even know or understand or…

It’s beautiful. Maybe something between Progressive and Classic and Orchestral and Baroque and thrice, double-thrice, as meaningful as soundtrack music without being at all like a soundtrack music.

No vocal, by the way.

You! Download, you! I know I’m suppose to give reviews and stuffs and tell you to go out and buy it if it’s worth it. But not this one. Not this one. Just listen to it, dammit. I don’t even care who you are, or what kind of music do you like, it’ll be worth a listen.

Download VBR
Download 320k

320k is a higher quality version. There’s a lossless version floating somewhere, if you want it. But, hey, maybe you’ll manage to buy it for real.

Circle: t=NODE
Arranger: Yuy

01 World’s End-世界は壊れ、物語は始まった-
02 Destiny-宿命ー
03 Remind of You
04 Truth of Insanityー永遠の狂気ー
05 The Dance of Eternity
06 月の姫、永遠の姫-世界と1人のひねくれ者-

EDIT: … After listening to that last part again, I guess it is also weird as…

… I lulzed.


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