Heads on a Shoulder

Been feeling inexplicably upset these last few days. My head is in a bit of unstable turmoil. Common for folks my age, but I see no reason for feeling so. ‘n fact, the last half a year has been more or less the best half a year I’ve ever had, under some specification. I’m a happy-going kind of guy, really. But, to be inexplicably upset… Maybe I need to stop talking to myself so much. Reveal so much. Reveal so little.

Oh, what the heck. I think I’m supposed to post this somewhere more private, but, meh.

Been listening to music with more attention now. It helps. I find myself comfortable with orchestral, particularly Baroque music, Metal, particularly progressive speed/power metal, and Jazz, of the ethnic kind. I’m not even sure which word is to be capitalized anymore.

And on a wholly unrealated subject, I got my hands on Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I still think Anansi Boys is better, but this one is great, just great.


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