That Old O-Life Album

Never been a fan of vocal music, although I do agree that they can be great. Am actually quite a fan of old Rock pieces, but it still feels awkward to listen to vocal music willingly. So I stick with instrumental, most of the time.

Nowadays, it’s a need provided by Touhou arranges, which is ridiculously numerous in all kinds and genres imaginable. This one Folk/Native/Somethin’ rendition of the 11th game’s musics is brilliant. It’s very upbeat, joyfull, sometimes almost bettle-like, and truly unique. No other album sounds anything like it.

album art

Album Title: 東方温泉祭
By オーライフジャパン (O-Life Japan)
Original Composer: ZUN
Arrangement: まさみティー (MasamiTi)

01 – 好奇心優先
(Original: Sealed Away Youkai ~ Lost Place)
02 – 洞窟いいね、少し潜るぜ
(Original: The Bridge People No Longer Cross)
03 – トラウマ生産工場
(Original: Heartfelt Fancy)
04 – 一人脳内会議
(Original: Green-Eyed Jealousy)
05 – 楽しそうだなおまえさん
(Original: Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion)
06 – 地底に響け、草原の音 Part1
(Original: Lullaby of Deserted Hell)
07 – 地底に響け、草原の音 Part2
(Original: Corpse Voyage ~ Be of good cheer!)
08 – ハート物色
(Original: Heartfelt Fancy)
09 – 温泉と酒で気分は祭よ
(Original: Walking the Streets of Former Hell)

Figure out all of what the original is myself. Sometimes it wasn’t easy. 05 and 09 were difficult to pick out. The arrangement’s that brilliant. I swear, that must be a gamelan or angklung or something in track 08.

Download Link. If you can get stuffs from Japan, I highly suggest buying it and supporting the musician.


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