I love being distracted

It’s like, drug, you know know, without all the ill side effects to your body. Ill side effects to your mind instead, but that’s another thing. Boredom is, after all, a part of life. Ye can’t have a life without boredom, you can’t just zip around your life doing all this wondrous things, wasting none, and live all your ticking countdown time to the fullest like some kinda fairy tale or motivational stories. Oh no, life is a rollercoaster, mate. It has its up, and its down, and when you’re down, you won’t even be able to go up. You won’t even think about going up, not until the coaster carry itself up. And yet something in you will still force you to do something. And then, you’ll need something to satisfy that little part of your brain.

You’ll go and read something, play something, browse the internet for just a few minutes, you say. Just checking this one article on Wikipedia, or if you dare, TV Tropes. You’re just going to see what your friends in Facebook or Twitter or MySpace are up to, see if there’s an update in that blog you’re following. Just. One. More. Turn. And then you’ll get out, bleary-eyed, at 2 am in the morning, wondering what in tarnation did you just spend your whole night on.

Hear this: When this happen, you’re not wasting your life. You are, instead, compelling to that side of your brain who urge you to do something in moments when you find yourself incapable of doing anything. Sure, there are better way to serve your time, but we all live in the age of constant information. Rubbish, unimportant information, perhaps, but they seep into you. You know how Sherlock Holmes doesn’t even know that the earth revolves around the sun because it is wholly unimportant to his job and not worth him knowing? I like this guy. You’ll read these garbage, the more level-headed part of your mind not even considering that it is garbage, simply because of that little part of your mind, urging you to move. Urging you to go forward and do something.

You could do better, of course. Like feeding hungry children in Africa. But in your current state, this is probably the best thing that you could do. Being distracted in the age of information, that’s a side effect. The important thing is, your mind is urging you to move. Inside, you have a feeling to be a better person, to not be stuck as that guy who have absolutely nothing to do and only sit around doing nothing acting like the rubbish of society. You strive to better. And while being distracted might not necessarily makes you better, it changes you. You’re not that same rubbish guy anymore, you’re different. And when I have to choose between two evils, I choose the one I haven’t tried yet.

I have no idea what I just said. Ramblings. And yes, “you” is really “I”, really. Carry on, nothing to see here.  Thanks for reading, though.


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