Ain’t Got Nothing to Say

What the heck man, this post is so pathetic.

… *AHEM*

Being busy and business have nothing to do with this. It’s laziness. I have a billion ideas running through my head, yet refuse to put them on paper, or in some server in the internet, or in the myriad of document types available for todays computer.

Speaking of today’s computers, I was born at the end of the 20th century. My first contact with a computer, or at least one that I remember, is already with one which has a graphical user interface: a fine Windows 98. Command lines and the terminal is as foreign to me as a blond pale-skinned blue-eyed girl: unthinkable. When seen, like a mirage.

Explanation: I live in Asia, and my father sometimes fix the computer by messing with those odd lines of codes.

A trip to the library today presented some computer books to me, mostly about how to use a program, from as early as 1992. Comparing these to today’s modern computer book, especially those targeted to teenagers about how to use the internet, give staggering effects. You’ll wonder why anyone in this day and age needs a book about computer at all. Back in those days, someone might need a couple of pages just to describe how to install a program, and a complete newcomer might have to read through a couple just to know how.

Comparison aside, it’s also fun to see how much technology has changed over the years, especially those with user interface. Reading through computer books from 1992, to 1998, all the way to 2012 in chronological order shows just how much everything changed, from simple words to crummy graphics to the fanciness we have now. Seeing the transition in books is marvelous.

Oh, look. I do have something to say after all.


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