750 Words is Alive!

Like a zombie, raised from the dead. Except will only be as foul as a zombie if you are an early member, and even when you’re not, it will be one of the best of zombies.

Metaphor-free explanation: 750 Words will still be free to those who sign up before it become pay-only. This is simply lovely news for me, who have been using and loving 750 Words for a long time, and simply can’t spare Rp 600,000 a year for it. I was disheartened to hear that I might not be able to use the site again, earlier this year, and has started to stop using it. I found a temporary replacement, Write.app, but even then I know it will never replace 750 and the atmosphere it gives.

Now that I can return to my 750 Wording, I’ll have to… I’ll have to… Reschedule. Finish more works, use less time wandering aimlessly on wikis, and write more. Aye. Write more.


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