Google’s New Channel

On a particularly random day, browsing not so randomly through YouTube, I notice that there’s more and more YouTube One channels showing up. And you thought the old channel changes were bad. And you thought what we have now is bad.

YouTube has this thing on them. They just have this wonderful ability of changing things for the worse.

So, in some kind of tactical rage, I press the Feedback button, and write this little piece of rant/constructive criticism.

The new YouTube One design. Horrible. Messy. Eating screen space as if it’s nothing. Have you ever thought what people without widescreen might see?

And do you know that not all people want to promote their video so much? It’s true. Sometimes people just want to share, and want other people to be comfortable looking for what they want to watch.

When folks go to a channel, they’re usually looking for a particular video, or looking back at the archive, or just getting some info. They’re not there for a first impression or to be shown this fancy new video. Feeds in the homepage, links, Related Videos, and word of mouth do that already.

The sidebars, on both right and left, really limit what can be seen of the channel and distracts viewer from it. I don’t care how good the Related Channels are, this is not good. Scroll down a bit, and there’s a freakish lot of empty space, which really hurts the channel’s appearance. People do scroll down, especially if they’re browsing through the channel’s video. This is usually exactly why we go to a channel to begin with.

The older channel also has empty spaces on the side, but the dark grey color manage to neutralize it. Older channel’s grey and black are less harsh on the eyes than One’s white background, and it makes the videos looks more vibrant and attractive.

In contrast, One’s white background is bland and distracting. Ugly too. Looking at it for long is actually physically painful.

The homepage does not suffer from this because we usually just pass by it, maybe see if there’s an update or two. But channel is not something just passed by, it’s something that we actually search through, read, and look up.

So, please, if you’re reading this. If anyone’s reading this. YouTube, please at least let people have a pick of which style they want. Please don’t force this new YouTube One theme for everyone. Let the people choose. Let us have a say.

TL;DR: The new channel sucks.

High chance nobody’s reading it, but heck if I care. I need to get it out of my system. And I’m sure there’s somebody, out there, paid by Google to read exactly these kind of things, that can understand it (and doesn’t mind the wall of text).

Also… I need to note that these are mostly my opinions. Sure, there’s some back in facts, but a criticism is a criticism. And an opinion’s an opinion.

“Thank you for your feedback. We value every piece of feedback we receive. We cannot respond individually to every one,” said Google. Well, I hope you do.


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