Ha! Thought the Blog’s Dead, Didya?

A question more for myself than the reader. You, in other words. But using second-person pronoun for this kinda thing can be creepy.

Stuffs been happening. Then again, when is it not happening? Stuffs always happen to anyone, everyone, at all time.

Existential equations aside, I’ve been thinking of writing a lot of post for the blog, actually. A video game review. A webcomic review. An recommendation for mental cures for headache. Stuffs. Didn’t have the time or patience, though. I should find more time where I can leisurely sit down and blog without having this urge to go check another website.

Procrastination, in other words. And distraction. See, this is why I love full-screen minimalist writing application so much.

… Am listening to this, while writing it. I’m not really sure how to describe it, other than epic, in all meanings of the word.


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