Funny Thing About Music

How does one define musical ability?

I have little patience (dang it me) for learning musical instruments, or music composition instruments, or just to play a song I like on a musical instruments, so give me a guitar or a keyboard or a whatever, and I might be able to make a Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si-Do, but not an actual song. Rubbish.

Ai, but I listen to plenty of music, and have this ability of remembering the whole melody after only hearing it once. The melody, the notes, not just the song. In the mind, I can rearrange it all I like, remix it, mix it up, use a different instruments, turn a small tune into a grand orchestra. And I can’t show it to anyone. Heck, I can’t even sing it. My mouth has problem talking, much less singing.

I rearrange a perfectly rock song into a completely folkish one on the harmonica, once. All in the mind, of course. Give me a real harmonica, and while I know what it sounds like, I won’t be able to make a song with it. But give me something that can transmit what’s in the mind into the real world, and I’ll be the happiest person on Earth.



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