Cat’s Pajamas

Now moving from Posterous, which is closing down. Can’t say I don’t expect it, actually. I know it’s going to happen, sooner or later. Even when I first started it, I know from the its deadness that it’s going to be dead. But it’s a cool place, with plenty of nice features, so I stayed.

‘Course, I don’t write much. It’s exactly like me to only do something for the first five minutes, when it’s brand new and shiny and interesting. Updates become less and less later on.

In any case, with Posterous down, I’m returning to WordPress. I tried it once, moved to Blogspot since I want more (free) design customization, moved to Posterous since Blogspot is horribly… oversized? Heavy? Is that the word I’m looking for? Reminds me of Java.

I’m back in WordPress now. Here’s hoping that the excitement of blogging with very few people reading does not disappear.

And man, look at these new features! WordPress had been to places when I was gone.


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