Wind Tidings

One of those times… Or day? One of those days.. No, really. It’s just times. This can’t last as long as a whole day, can it?

One of those times when you’re just completely high on inspirations, and wanted to make this one… thing. Whatever that thing is, be it a drawing or story or music compositions. But… you just can’t. Maybe there’s just not enough time. Maybe you’re just too tired. Maybe the hand refuse to put down what is in the mind. Or maybe a part of you still freaking out over something.

Either way, you can’t make a good use of your inspirations. You can store all those mind-boggling things in your mind somewhere else. They’re stuck there, unable to get out.

… It doesn’t feel good, you know. Like, there’s a million thing you can do, but you just… can’t do it.


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