Somebody told me that I should be more open

I’m not sure who that somebody is, but knowing myself, it’s probably me.

I don’t like talking about myself to someone else, which makes making a blog silly. This is silly, and you should be able to tell from how rarely I write for it. Check my private notes, writings, and 750 Words though. Kajillion of things in there, with both fiction and journal-writing mixed up. I wonder how it’ll be in 10 years. Will I be able to tell which one is about me and which one is just about a random guy I made up on the spot?

Am having a pretty bad headache since yesterday. It kinda disables me from doing anything coherently. I believe I even hit my 9 years old sister yesterday, out of brain crannies. Ugh…

Is it normal, to often have headache like this? I’ve eaten, so I don’t think it’s hunger. I’ve relaxed, slept, but that’s not helping either. The only tried and true antidote is playing Touhou 10 – Mountain of Faith, for some reason. Maybe I should just play it now.


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