Seventeen Days

This is a little piece of a rather abstract flash fic, inspired by this particular piece of music. I find the song so good, so emotional, that it nearly makes me cry, for some reason.



The sky was raining fireworks.

And I was too far away to see it.

As the night sky seemed to burst with all the colors of the rainbows, followed with sounds like a million storm clouds gathering, I quickly grabbed the handle of my bike and pedaled as fast as I could. Spin, I thought of shouting to the wheels, spin like you’ve never spin before. Spin like your life depended on it.

The sky exploded, and the rainbow cajoled and danced in the air.

But I was too far away to see it. Only bits of lights from a distance, and a sound like jovial storms’. I pedaled faster, harder, passing through roads and streets. Crossing bridges and cutting lines. People flew by on my either side, and I didn’t even seem to notice. My feet kept in its motion, staying true to their promise to take me there, and my hands steered the bike as if it was their own second nature.

And while the rest of my limbs were busy, my head raised to the air, my eyes looking up to the sky, marvelling at the little traces of lights that I could see from there. The light dance gradually became larger and more visible, and my excitement only grew. My feet spun the wheels even faster, and I prayed in my heart that I was not too late, please tell me that I was not too late.

And then, all of a sudden, it stopped. The sky grew dark, the fires disssapeared, and the storms stopped laughing. All my eyes could do was stare in dismay. What had happened? Was I too late?

But I kept pedaling, I kept riding the bike which kept on its job of taking me there. Dissapointed that I was, my feet wouldn’t let met stop, as if telling me that there was more than what met the eye.

I was too late, I thought. Too late, too slow, not quick enough to see the festival of lights. But, even though so, I kept moving, closer and closer to the epicenter of the fireworks.

All of a sudden, my surrounding grew dim, my eyes blurred, and I couldn’t tell where the ground ended and the sky begun.

And then the sky right above me exploded, bursting into a million different shades of colors. I glanced up, and couldn’t stop my mouth from hanging open in the air. The bike stopped as my feet touched the ground, as if telling me that they told me so.

The sky right above me exploded, bursting into what I could only say as the best thing I’ve ever seen. It was brilliant, vibrant, and eye-popping. The colors moved like little bullets of light, forming intricate patterns and orchestrated shapes. All I could feel then, was what beauty trully looked like.

The sound of the storm returned. Happy and ecstatic like the party animals they were. It was like the whole of the world was creating just the perfect present for me, and me only.

A clock somewhere, out of my reality, struck twelve. The first minute of the year, and the universe gave me its present just in time.



Seventeen days after New Year is the day when I made and finished my gift to the year. That day is today.

Dramatization aside, if you look down a bit to one of my older post, the one I wrote on New Year, you could see that I’m not even trying to celebrate it. I mean, it’s freakin’ New Year, and it’s like I did nothing at all. Well, here’s something to amend that. I do have something to give to the year, or rather, the year give me something to go by it.

This flash fic is made in, like fifteen minutes, at the same time that I first listened to that music. It’s not my best work, I think, but it’s certainly one that I’ve connected with. I think taking longer is just going to make myself more distant from it. 


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