Does anyone know where does this song came from?

It’s a remix of Reincarnation from the third Touhou game, I know that much. I also know that it’s quite possibly the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. What I don’t know is who made this arrange, what circle he/she/they is/are in, and where was this beauty first heard by the public.

I know the video description said it’s made by El Dorado for the album Solaris Lues, but I have Solaris Lues and thsi track is not in it. I’ve also searched the Touhou Wiki for all songs that El Dorado has arranged, but Reincarnation is not mentioned.

So if anyone have any idea where does this particular arrangement came from, please do tell. I’ve enabled comment in my Posterous blog, in case you’re looking at this from my Blogspot blog.


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