Of headaches and the internet’s Pot Hole: Part 2

It’s not a simple headache. Probably a cold, or some other sickness to that effect. So I guess it’s not the internet fault, it’s just my immune system and eating habits.

But I don’t feel like lying down in bed, mostly on the basis that sleeping only worsen it. Maybe I should just play Touhou and see how well that treatment goes.

And then there’s that exan for school tomorrow. It’s a sport exam, which basically boil down to doing effin’ aerobic (is that how you’re supposed to say it?). I have nothing against aerobic organism (I breath Oxygen too) or to anaerobic bacterias for that matter. I have nothing (much) against structured dancing to exercise yourself either, although I honestly want to have no part in it. But that song that accompany the aerobic exersce, that dingbat song….

I might as well do it with the sound muted, I have a good tempo. Or maybe I’ll just use a freakin’ metronome instead. Anything’s better than that dingbat sorry excuse of notes.

Note: With the current site design, italic text does not look italic-ed. A shame, but it’s not I really need it.


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